BinderPOS Releases Deployed 3/22/23

We fixed a bug that was causing an online Buylist search to fail when a full customer name was used. Now you can successfully search using the full customer name.

BinderPOS Releases Deployed 3/8/23

We’re excited to announce we added seven new product lines to the BinderPOS catalog and launched automatic pricing! Cardfight!! Vanguard singles, Final Fantasy singles, Force of Will singles, One Piece singles and sealed, WIXOSS singles, Arcane Tinmen (Arcane Tinmen, Dragon Shield, Beckett Shield, etc.) and Weiss Schwarz singles and sealed products are now available, so… Continue reading BinderPOS Releases Deployed 3/8/23

New Product Lines and Automatic Pricing Now Available For BinderPOS

BinderPOS is excited to announce that automatic pricing is now available for all singles in the product lines listed below! Automatic pricing allows you to save time and price competitively. Our system automatically updates prices based on TCGplayer’s industry-leading data, which draws from thousands of transactions across the Marketplace daily. This means you no longer… Continue reading New Product Lines and Automatic Pricing Now Available For BinderPOS

BinderPOS Releases Deployed 2/22/23

We resolved a rare bug that resulted in inventory discrepancies, specifically an extra incorrect adjustment to inventory when adding an item to the cart. BinderPOS users impacted by this bug were notified last week.

BinderPOS Releases Deployed 2/15/23

We resolved a bug where if a discount was removed from an automatically discounted item, the updated total was not properly reflected on receipts and cart history. We are now defaulting discounts to percentage, but you can toggle the display to be an amount.  We improved error messaging on the PAXS300 terminal, which will allow… Continue reading BinderPOS Releases Deployed 2/15/23

BinderPOS Releases Deployed 2/1/23

We corrected a bug where CSVs that included manual price overrides were failing to export. CSVs are now successfully exporting.

BinderPOS Releases Deployed 1/18/23

We resolved an issue that was preventing images from being added to events. You can now add images to an event without error.

We resolved an issue that impacted how inventory was displayed. Previously, the “Stock” appeared blank on items with no inventory rather than displaying “Stock: 0.” It is now functioning correctly.

Introducing the New BinderPOS CSV Importer

We’re excited to announce that we’ve launched the next generation of the BinderPOS CSV Importer. The CSV Importer allows you to quickly manage large quantities of inventory, especially trading card game singles. Read more about the BinderPOS CSV Importer.

Release Notes 07-05-2022

Fixed an issue where refunds didn’t appear properly Fixed an issue where store credit was not being applied to online orders Fixed an issue where Shopify tags were not being generated correctly Retrieving and reloading carts in the kiosk is now more efficient Fixed an issue where some description options were not working for eBay