Release Notes 11-22-2021

Point of Sale API errors will now have more robust messages for trouble-shooting (BPOS-859) Fixed an issue where events couldn’t be searched in the POS (BPOS-872) The cart idle refresh strategy has been re-implemented (BPOS-981) The POS search results now have pagination (BPOS-1004) Fixed an issue where the buylist would return an unknown error when… Continue reading Release Notes 11-22-2021

Release Notes 11-15-2021

Point of Sale The WPN report now includes currency (BPOS-994) Long item names will no longer overflow (BPOS-993) Fixed bug were split payment system wouldn’t allow you to apply store credit if account balance is 0 (BPOS-982) Carts can no longer be submitted with no tender information attached (BPOS-885) If no store tax has been… Continue reading Release Notes 11-15-2021

Release Notes 11-08-2021

Point of Sale BPOS-39 Notes can now be added to individual carts and edited BPOS-300, BPOS-319, BPOS-423, BPOS-565, Fixed issue where getting tags for the product search sometimes returned an unknown error BPOS-352, BPOS-366, BPOS-731 Updated the kiosk to be in-line with the full POS suite BPOS-609 Fixed issue where the Freshchat icon would overlay… Continue reading Release Notes 11-08-2021

Release Notes 11-01-2021

Marketplace Sync BPOS-898 Fixed issue where some marketplace orders were not syncing to Shopify BPOS-762 Fixed issue where Metazoo wasn’t syncing properly to the CFB Marketplace Shopify Themes BPOS-807 Fixed issue where ‘Show out of Stock’ was not respected in some themes BPOS-904 Made search bar in New Standard Theme permanent BPOS-903 Updated add to… Continue reading Release Notes 11-01-2021

Development Update 10-25-2021

CFB Marketplace While we have been relatively quiet on the BinderPOS side, ChannelFireball is making some noise with it’s newly released Marketplace! We really want to hand it to the Marketplace team. They’ve been hammering away for well over the past year and have something really awesome to show for it. If you haven’t already… Continue reading Development Update 10-25-2021


We have received a large list of suggestions and feedback from customers for improving the platform. Our development team has been working hard over the last month to fix and update the platform in coordination with this feedback. Here is everything they have been working on.


The development team at BinderPOS has been hard at work over the last month fixing and updating the platform to provide a better experience for all users. Read more about the improvements and fixes the team has been working on here.


The BinderPOS team has been hard at work updating and adding features to the product to help you reach all of your business goals. Read what is new and improved on the BinderPOS platform.


The past couple of months have been a hectic period for the dev team. We know this insights post is a little late, and we apologize for that. However, we are making efforts to maintain this blog post going forward for our valued customers along with any new prospects looking to join BinderPOS. Over the… Continue reading BINDER INSIGHTS – UPDATE #4


The past month at BinderPOS has been very busy for the dev team. We’ve mainly been focusing on fixing bugs in the system and continued on our path to have a better infrastructure to more quickly roll out updates and more extensive changes to the system as a whole. Let’s take a look at some… Continue reading BINDER INSIGHTS – UPDATE #3