Release Notes 4-19-2022

Shopify Themes Fixed an issue where Add to Wishlist didn’t display on sold out items Fixed an issue where search did not appear on the Standard mobile theme Fixed an issue where some images were too large in the collection list Fixed an issue where the parallax box text was broken Fixed an issue where… Continue reading Release Notes 4-19-2022

Release Notes 4-13-2022

Advanced Search Variants with 0 stock can now be hidden with a toggle Fixed a bug where the second page of results was not loading for some sets Reports Buylist reports can now be viewed by date submitted or date completed Miscellaneous Fixed a bug where the BinderPOS Logo was not behaving correctly during a… Continue reading Release Notes 4-13-2022

Release Notes 4-6-2022

Formatting Links in Headers Fixed a bug where adding links to headers was causing unwanted behaviour. Sets in Collection Filters Fixed a bug where some sets were not showing as an option in collection filters. Store Name Display Bugfix Fixed a bug where some store names were not displaying correctly. Dropdown Menus Fixed a bug… Continue reading Release Notes 4-6-2022

Release Notes 3-29-2022

Portal Reports Cart notes can now be searched and exported as a CSV from Sales Reports. Carts can now be exported as CSVs from the Submitted Carts Report. Portal POS If an item is still in a POS cart and has been removed from Shopify, the POS will now display a more descriptive error. The… Continue reading Release Notes 3-29-2022

Release Notes 3-22-2022

Portal Point of Sale The issue in datetime handling that caused the cart submission time to be displayed incorrectly has been fixed. Shopify Themes Certain tags were not showing on the Product search. Users will now be able to see preorder tags from a dropdown for each variant. The issue where some filters were not… Continue reading Release Notes 3-22-2022

Release Notes 3-8-2022

Buylists Customers can now reply to buylist emails, which will be sent to the store’s default email address. Buy transactions previously could be completed in the POS without choosing a tender, causing report discrepancies. This has been rectified by requiring a tender to be selected for all transactions. eBay Location policy info previously was getting… Continue reading Release Notes 3-8-2022

Release Notes 2-28-2022

Shopify Themes Additional filters have been added to the Stock Change History screen. The Advanced Search was not indicating if a card was foil or not. A display chip has been added for foil cards. The issue where the decklist feature was not returning the proper variants for some searches has been fixed. The calendar… Continue reading Release Notes 2-28-2022

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We at BinderPOS always strive to provide you with a quality service, and that involves taking your feedback into account. Part of that commitment to a quality product involves taking your feedback on the product, and what you think is working and what isn’t.   We would greatly appreciate if you could take five to ten… Continue reading Take Our Quick Survey!